6 Reasons People From Cleveland Are Undeniably Tough

Cleveland is a cool place to call home and The Land has definitely left an impact on those of us that grew up here. The culture, the pace of life, the food … they’ve all shaped us into the awesome adults we are today. We’re smart, hardworking, and enduring. That everlasting toughness comes from the lives we led growing up, and it’s a trait that sets us apart from others and binds us together as Clevelanders. Here are just a few reasons that Clevelanders are tough:

So there you have it! Clevelanders are tough to the core, thanks to a variety of influences that shaped us as a people. Today, Cleveland’s culture is undergoing a modern shift toward a more artsy environment, but its young people of today are still shaping up to be as tough and as enduring as their predecessors.

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