Beginning In 2019, The Cleveland Indians Are Retiring Chief Wahoo For Good

Clevelanders are a strong-willed people, and they proudly identify with icons of local culture. Many have immortalized their roots with tattoos of recognizable characters like the Guardians of Construction and Chief Wahoo. The latter, however, has long been an issue of debate, and the Cleveland Indians have finally decided to end it. Find out why:

Chief Wahoo has been hotly debated for generations, but the time has finally come to say goodbye to his on-field presence. How do you feel about the change? Will you miss the iconic chief on the team’s uniforms, or do you consider this decision to be long overdue? Sound off in the comments, but remember to keep your interactions respectful. After all, we’re here because we’re all proud Clevelanders, and that camaraderie is worth celebrating despite diverse opinions.

2019 will undeniably be… well, different in Cleveland. Not only will Chief Wahoo retire from the field, but 2019 will also be Clevelanders’ first year without the Big Fun toy store.