You’ll Want To Try The City Chicken At These 6 Cleveland Destinations

Cleveland, like many cities, has a culture all its own. Over the years, a number of cultures have contributed to and shaped Cleveland’s unique milieu. So, too, has happenstance. The Great Depression, in particular, shaped Cleveland, especially when it comes to local cuisine. Ever heard of city chicken? Of course, you have – Cleveland is one of the few places in the Great Lakes region where you can enjoy this dish. Believe it or not, this chicken-free dish surfaced during the Depression as a cheap alternative to actual chicken, which was expensive and hard to come by at the time. Today, the dish remains popular in The Land… and you can still find Cleveland city chicken at some area restaurants and stores, though it is slowly disappearing from the local culture.

While this classic Cleveland dish is fading in popularity, it can still be found at a few places of interest. What places would you add to this list… or do you just prepare city chicken in your own kitchen?

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