This Charming Town Near Cleveland Is Perfect For A Day Trip

Every so often, it’s nice to plan a getaway. Of course, such an adventure typically involves journeying to a new place where life moves at a different place. For many, this requires a trip to a faraway state or country. For Ohioans, our 88 counties offer much to explore, ranging from impressive industrial cities to antique Midwestern towns. One such Midwestern town approximately an hour outside of Cleveland has charm, adventure, and some famously friendly residents. If you live in Northeast Ohio, you must plan a visit.

How can anyone not adore living in the Midwest? Small towns such as Ashland are the backbone of local culture, and a day trip to such a place is more rewarding than words can convey. You simply must experience a day away from the hustle and bustle, breathe in the clean country air, and interact with locals to understand what the hullabaloo is about. For other exciting towns to explore, consider spending the day in Hudson or Peninsula.