These 10 Candid Photos Show What Life Was Like In Cleveland In the 1920s

We’re just a year away from the 2020s, and the future holds spectacular promises. Some are joking about bringing back the Jazz Age with great music and sassy-chic fashion… but are they joking? There’s something about the Roaring Twenties that people can’t help but adore. The fashion, the rebellion, the music, the dance – everything about the era was extravagant, even down to otherwise mundane situations. But what were the most mundane situations like in a place like Cleveland? Rest assured, you can virtually visit the era through photo collections of yesteryear.

The Roaring Twenties were certainly full of celebration and fun, but it was also an era of great change. Did you ever hear any family stories from this era when you were growing up?

If you find yourself fascinated by local history, you’ll be delighted by these local sites that were once part of the Underground Railroad.