10 Historic Places In Cleveland That Only Get Better With Age

There’s a lot of history right here in Cleveland. Our pretty city features many stories and tales of the past, some of which are hidden in the heights of our historic structures. From the tiniest features in Lake View Cemetery to the iconic murals of our local library, there’s a little bit of history in everything. A few places, however, seem to get lovelier as time passes.

There are lovely features all over Cleveland, but these pretty places have somehow gotten better with age. As time passes, we come to cherish our local history more and more, but we also strive to enhance the beauty in places where our most memorable stories took place. What would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

While these lovely places celebrate some of the best and most memorable moments in Cleveland history, there are some events we’d prefer to forget. You’ve probably never heard of these terrifying moments in Cleveland history, but they’re worthy of learning.

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