Be On The Lookout, Clevelanders: A New Type Of Tick Has Been Spotted In Ohio

Okay, before we dive in… don’t panic. Yet. However, if you live in Northeast Ohio, it’s important to keep your eyes peeled for the Asian longhorned tick near Cleveland. This bloodthirsty pest has been spotted in at least five Southern Ohio counties, but the Ohio Department of Agriculture is monitoring populations to make sure it doesn’t spread up north, and you can help. These creepy crawlies are worth keeping a pulse on if you’re an avid Ohio hiker.

While nobody has spotted the Asian longhorned tick near Cleveland yet, it’s still worth keeping an eye out for as you hike during the warmer months. Remember, if you spot a tick that you suspect to be a member of this species on yourself or on your four-legged hiking companion, you can mail one to the labs in Columbus to help track population growth.

These ticks aren’t the only out-of-place species to invade Ohio. Check out our article on odd animals in Cleveland to learn about other unusual visitors, including invasive jellyfish and crab species that are living in Lake Erie as we speak.

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