You Simply Can’t Miss This Colorful Celebration In Cleveland This Summer

Cleveland is a colorful city, overflowing with man-made monuments and natural wonders. From the bright blue of our waterways to the neon glow of our streets by night, The Land hosts an incredible array of beauty. That beauty is about to be amplified this summer thanks to one massive collaboration of artists from all around the world. Are you ready to experience the best location in the nation in a truly stunning way? You don’t have to wait long, because this incredible event is coming this summer.

There has always been much to see and do in Cleveland, but this summer is about to be an experience that differs from any other year. In fact, thanks to a group of talented and brilliant artists, 2018 is about to show Cleveland the best summer ever.

For another fun cultural celebration in Cleveland, you must plan a trip to the city’s own witchcraft museum.