9 Trails In Cleveland You Must Take If You Love The Outdoors

Unfortunately, one of the side effects of calling the best location in the nation home is that we Clevelanders have almost become forgetful of the beauty of our surroundings. We know that our region is stunning, but the stunning variety of habitats and cityscapes that dot its expanse are largely hidden and oftentimes must be sought out. If you adore the outdoors, the trails on this list will reawaken your wonder for our environment by introducing you to nine different landscapes. Prepare for spectacular scenery, because these stunning destinations will leave you in awe.

The diversity of our landscape, as you can see, is remarkable. With thousands and thousands of acres of parks, nature preserves, and reservations, there truly are endless opportunities to enjoy it. What is your favorite outdoor escape?

Looking for another unforgettable hike? You must stop by Horseshoe Pond.