9 Amazing Cleveland Hikes Under 3 Miles You’ll Absolutely Love

The rich Ohio landscape offers many views that are unique to our state. Breathtaking sunsets overlook meandering streams that cut and carve our wooded landscape, waterfalls cascade over glacially-constructed rock walls, and our trees are speckled with a variety of foliage that is unrivaled in diversity and color. But did you know that you can easily explore such places in the Greater Cleveland Area?

Truth is, the area in and around Cleveland is full of ecological wonders, and many can be reached via fairly short hiking trails that can be traversed in mere hours. Here are nine hiking trails in Cleveland you have to check out:

Though Cleveland is widely known for its extensive urban jungle of architecture, its verdant forests and undulating hills make it an ecological gem that nature lovers can easily explore. What is your favorite Cleveland hiking trail? Share your photos and experiences with us!