The Farmer’s Almanac Predicts Winter 2020 In Cleveland Will Have Warmer Temps And Above Average Amounts Of Snow

Since 1792, people all around the nation have turned to The Old Farmer’s Almanac for insight on what is to come in the near future. Over the years, this periodical has only had 13 editors – an impressive feat for the longest continually-published periodical in North America. What is even more impressive is the accuracy of their annual weather predictions, something that is offered based on analysis of statistical averages and current solar observations. While the universe is largely unpredictable, it’s nice to guess at what winter weather in Cleveland might look like in the oncoming months; however, their predictions for 2020 aren’t exactly something to look forward to.

Winter is a gorgeous season here in Cleveland, but it’s admittedly a bit brutal. Do you remember one winter in your lifetime that stood out as particularly unforgiving?

If you’re a longtime Cleveland, you probably recall some of the most memorable winters in Cleveland history.

A big thank you to photographer Gabe Leidy for sharing some of his fantastic photos with us for this article. Check out more of his excellent work on his website and Facebook page!