This Dreamy Train-Themed Trip Around Cincinnati Will Take You On The Journey Of A Lifetime

There’s something so magical and nostalgic about trains. Everyone seems to love them and if you add a train to a restaurant, museum, or attraction, it’s bound to draw a crowd. In Cincinnati and the surrounding area, there are several spots to visit where you can ride, watch, and even eat on a train. In fact, there are so many places that we couldn’t fit them all into one dreamy train-themed day trip. Instead, we’ve planned five stops – each with a train feature – that you could easily do in a day and will take you on the journey of a lifetime.

Trains will always be a popular attraction, thanks to their nostalgic charm and history. Have you been to all of the stops on our train-themed trip around Cincinnati? Where is your favorite place to see trains? We can’t wait until the renovations and restoration is complete at Union Terminal, because that will definitely be back on our list!

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