There’s So Much To Love About Tony’s Pizzeria, A Favorite Local Pizza Joint Near Cincinnati

We could share and share about all of the local pizza places in Cincinnati (and we do) and likely still miss out on some of the very best. The Queen City and the surrounding suburbs offer such a variety of delicious pizza and, thankfully, a reader recently made sure we knew about Tony’s Pizzeria in Mason. Tony’s is a beloved local pizza joint near Cincinnati that has been serving up tasty pies and other Italian specialties for years. Dining here feels like home and the homemade menu is filled with so many favorites. There is just so much to love about Tony’s Pizzeria that it is worth a visit, even if you don’t live in Mason.

Tony’s Pizzeria is a local pizza joint near Cincinnati that specializes in all things Italian, thanks to the fresh and authentic pies and dishes by Tony, himself. If somehow you live in Mason and have yet to try it, or if you live anywhere else around Cincinnati, make a trip to this local pizza parlor that offers so many things to love. Have you had pizza and pasta from Tony’s? Share your love for this spot in the comments.

For more information including hours and a menu, visit Tony’s website and follow along on Facebook.

And for another local pizza restaurant on the other side of town, try the deep dish at this westside gem.

Address: 216 W Main St, Mason, OH 45040, USA