These Rooftop Igloos Are The Coolest Place To Go In Cincinnati This Winter

When the air turns cold in Cincinnati, we typically have to say farewell to our favorite outdoor patios and restaurants – at least for a few months. Cabin fever can definitely set in, but it doesn’t have to this year! The popular rooftop bar, AC Upper Deck at The Banks, has a solution, with unique (and warm) igloos that are perfect for hanging out in the cold. These rooftop igloos are the coolest place to go in Cincinnati this winter, and you’ll want to gather up a few friends and plan a visit soon.

The rooftop igloos at AC Upper Deck are a warm AND cool place to hang out this winter in Cincinnati, allowing you to take in the incredible views of our beautiful city without risking frostbite. Will you book a couple of hours in an igloo this season? Tag a few friends in the comments who would split it with you!

For more information on AC Upper Deck, visit its website here and follow along on Facebook here. And for more specific questions about the igloos and to book your time slot, call the hotel at 513-744-8802.

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