See 14 One-Of-A-Kind Murals Aboard This Pedal Wagon Tour Through Cincinnati

There are many ways to tour our beautiful city and several things worth taking the time to see. Most think of exploring a city when visiting, but it’s also a great idea to treat your hometown like a vacation spot every once in a while. One fun-filled way to check out the Queen City whether you’re a visitor or a local is to hop aboard the Pedal Wagon. This popular vehicle and party spot on wheels can be spotted all over the Tristate and most associate it with nighttime gatherings and lively crowds. It is great for that, but you can also see the beauty of our city on the Pedal Wagon, especially on the Cincinnati Mural Tour. This tour of the one-of-a-kind murals in Cincinnati is an excellent way to experience the Queen City.

This fun-filled tour of the one-of-a-kind murals in Cincinnati is such a great way to learn about the creativity, history, and beauty of our city. Hop aboard the Pedal Wagon and experience the Queen City in a unique and memorable way. Have you taken a tour on a Pedal Wagon? Would you enjoy this one of the murals in Cincinnati? Tag others who would join you!

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