Relive These Incredibly Fond Memories Everyone Has Of Cincinnati Gardens

Cincinnatians have a deep pride for their city and the historic buildings that line our streets. We love sharing our city’s favorite historic structures, many of which have been repurposed and restored for a new use today. But unfortunately, we cannot save all of the iconic buildings in Cincinnati, and that became very apparent this past week as the demolition of Cincinnati Gardens has finally begun. We knew it was coming, but it is still sad to see this 67-year-old legacy reduced to rubble to make way for a new life in the manufacturing world. If you grew up in Cincinnati, then this building likely holds many memories of the incredible events that took place inside. So take a step back in time and relive these fond memories that our city has of Cincinnati Gardens.

The building may soon be completely gone, but Cincinnati will have these memories forever. Are you sad to see this icon go? We’d love to hear about your favorite memory of Cincinnati Gardens! Share with us in the comments!

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