The Beautiful Lavender Farm Hiding In Plain Sight Near Cincinnati That You Need To Visit

As we all long for warm days spent outside, there are many hard at work around Cincinnati ensuring their properties are ready for a plentiful summer and fall. There are many unique experiences you can have outdoors over the summer months, and the concept of Agritourism is quickly becoming one of the favorites. If you haven’t heard of that term, it essentially means when a family opens up their farm to visitors and shares their love for the land and its natural beauty with others. U-Pick events are one way local farms are welcoming us on their properties, and we’ve found the most relaxing and sweetest smelling option near Cincinnati. Sunshine Acres Lavender Farm is located in Morrow, just north of Cincinnati, and this lovely farm is one you simply must visit.

Sunshine Acres Lavender Farm is a dream come true for not only its owners, but those who are lucky enough to visit this serene property near Cincinnati. Were you able to participate in their first U-Pick Lavender event last year? Are you hoping to go this year? Let us know in the comments!

For more information, including even more on their events and photography options, follow along with them on Facebook here and visit their website here.

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