You’ll Love Everything About This Mom & Pop Cafe Hiding In Cincinnati

We love a good mom & pop restaurant, and Cincinnati is filled with them. These eateries are locally owned, usually by a family that lives in the same neighborhood as where their restaurant is located and are dedicated to providing the community with good food and a welcoming environment. If you also enjoy dining at these gems, then you’ll love everything about Half Day Cafe in Wyoming. This mom & pop has been treating Cincinnatians to memorable breakfasts and lunches for over a decade and they’ve added a second location in Mason for even more opportunity to try this local dining destination.

Half Day Cafe is a sweet little spot to start your day off right or take a much-needed midday break. Have you dined at this mom & pop cafe? Are you excited about the new location? Let us know in the comments!

Half Day Cafe is located at 1 Wyoming Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45215 and the new Mason location will be opening soon. For more information, including hours, visit their website here and follow along on Facebook here.

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Address: 1 Wyoming Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45215, USA