Enjoy A Unique Glassblowing Experience At Neusole Glassworks In Cincinnati

Everyone has an artistic side, even if that means you are proud of your stick-figure drawing from Kindergarten. Of course, some of us have a natural talent for artistic expression in varying forms, but thankfully there are experts out there who are patient enough to teach those of us who do not. One of the most beautiful and unique forms of art is glassworks, and it comes in many forms. If you’ve always been fascinated by glass, then you’ll want to try this highly rated glassblowing experience in Cincinnati. Neusole Glassworks in Forest Park is a shop, studio, and classroom all in one and the perfect place to try your hand at glassblowing, flameworked glass, and fused glass.

If you’ve always wanted to try glassblowing in Cincinnati, head to Neusole Glassworks. The patient and passionate staff will introduce you to this fascinating art form and you can get hands-on to give it a try for yourself. Have you always wanted to try glassblowing or other forms of working with glass? Have you taken a class with Neusole? Let us know in the comments!

For more information on classes, demonstrations, and items available for sale, visit the Neusole Glassworks website and follow along on Facebook.

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Address: 11925 Kemper Springs Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45240, USA