This Epic Creamy Whip Trail In Cincinnati Is All You Need To End Your Summer Right

Cincinnati loves ice cream and that love can be found all over the city in the form of classic creamy whips. Perhaps you call them “whippy dips” or even “dairy bars” but they all have a few things in common: they start with soft serve ice cream, they ooze character, and they have a strong local following. In fact, fans of each of these 18 creamy whips would likely argue their case until they are as blue in the face as one of the infamous blue ice cream cones! If you’re up for the challenge – and we think you are – get trekking on this epic creamy whip trail throughout Cincinnati that will sweeten your summer!

If we listed every amazing creamy whip in Cincinnati, this list would be a mile long. If we missed your favorite, let us know! We’ll never pass up the chance to taste test a new creamy whip! Share your top spot with us in the comments! Keep in mind that many of these locations are seasonal, so you better hit this tasty trail sooner rather than later!

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