There’s No Other Car Shop In The World Quite Like This One In Cincinnati

That dreaded oil change light comes on and you groan, knowing you’ll have to go through the process of getting your car into the shop. Unless you’re handy under the hood, an oil change is probably one of your least favorite chores, especially when you have to wait in a bland lobby with intermittent TV and not-so-friendly staff members. But there’s an exception to this typical experience; a vintage car shop in Newtown changes all of that. Village Quik Lube, just east of Cincinnati, is unlike any other car shop in the world and you’ll be eager to get your car in there after taking a peak.

If you’ve ever driven past Village Quik Lube, you’ve surely noticed it, but have you ever spent time there? Share your experience with us in the comments!

Village Quik Lube is located at 7101 Main St. Cincinnati, OH 45244. For more information, including pricing and a list of their services, check out their website here.