9 Reasons Why Cincinnati Football Fans Are The Absolute BEST

Football season is an exciting time in Cincinnati. Each year we cheer on our beloved Cincinnati Bengals, along with our favorite high school and college teams. The beginning of the season is always the best, as it is filled with excitement and anticipation of what may finally be “our year.” And for Bengals fans, the season can be a stressful time of highs and lows as we hope, pray, and dream, for another shot at the Super Bowl. But no matter the outcome, Cincinnati football fans are sure to come out and continue to root, root, root for the home team (okay, wrong spot, but we couldn’t resist!). Our city loves its sports, so it should be no surprise that Cincinnati football fans are the absolute best.

Whatever your feelings about the Bengals, it’s hard to deny that Cincinnati football fans are simply the best. Are you a diehard Bengals fan? Share your love for our team in the comments! Who Dey!

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Address: Cincinnati, OH, USA
Address: Paul Brown Stadium, 1 Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA
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Cincinnati football fans

February 01, 2022

Have the Cincinnati Bengals ever gone to the Super Bowl?

The last time Cincinnati football fans saw the beloved Bengals go to the Super Bowl was in 1989. Yes — over 30 years ago! And in the seasons since, Cincinnati football fans have seen their beloved Bengals try… and try again… to make it back to the biggest game of the year. For the record, the Bengals did *not* win in 1989; the team has made it to the Super Bowl twice, but never won the Lombardi Trophy. (Don’t even mention the name “Joe Montana” around longtime fans…) That is, until 2022. That’s right… the Cincinnati Bengals have made it to the Super Bowl for the third time in the team’s history, and, as of this writing, there was an entire city of eager fans keeping their fingers crossed and saying all sorts of prayers. Why? Because Cincinnati football fans are *the* best!

What are some famous athletes from Ohio?

While Cincinnati football fans get a lot of the state’s spotlight in terms of die-hard fandom, our basketball game is strong, too! LeBron James hails from the Buckeye State, and no matter how you feel about this basketball star, he’s one of the most famous athletes to be born and raised in Ohio – Akron, to be exact. Baseball fans in the Queen City *love* Ken Griffey Jr., one of the most famous Cincinnati Reds ever! Griffey was born in Pennsylvania, but moved to Cincinnati during his childhood when his father, the legendary outfielder Ken Griffey Sr., was part of the Cincinnati Reds Big Red Machine in the late 1970s!

Address: Cincinnati, OH, USA
Address: Paul Brown Stadium, 1 Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH 45202, USA