Bite Into The Best Cannoli In Cincinnati At This Charming New Italian Bakery

In Cincinnati and the surrounding areas, there are many little restaurants, cafes, and bakeries that serve up amazing specialty items. These are recipes you can’t find everywhere, but are worth seeking out for a bite of homemade, flavorful goodness. If you are a fan of cannoli and have always wished our city had a place where you could find both traditional and unique flavors, then you are in luck! Del Gardo’s is a fantastic Italian bakery that opened in Covington this year and you can bite into the best cannoli in Cincinnati at this charming new spot.

Del Gardo’s is a wonderful concept that brings the best cannoli to our community, and you’ll definitely want to place an order for a box sooner rather than later. Are you a cannoli fan and have you tried Del Gardo’s yet? Let us know in the comments!

Del Gardo’s is located at 18 East 5th St., Covington, KY 41011. For more information, visit its website here and for up-to-date times when they open as a retail shop, follow along on Facebook here.

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