The Underrated Restaurant In Cincinnati With The Best Breakfast Food Ever

How many times have you driven past a hole-in-the-wall diner and wondered what’s hidden behind those dark windows? You’ve probably written it off as a place that only welcomes regulars and gone about your day. Well, in Colerain, there’s a family diner that has been serving both regulars and strangers for decades and they might just have the best breakfast in the city. P&S Family Diner is the underrated Cincinnati restaurant that you absolutely have to try.

Are you a regular at this family diner? Or are you eager to try it for breakfast? Share your thoughts with us in the comments! And feel free to give your favorite Cincy diner a shoutout so we can check it out next! P&S Family Diner is located at 3512 Springdale Road. For more info, check out their website here or follow them on Facebook here.

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