The Century-Old Cincinnati Shop Turned Pub That’s Home To The Best Bartender In The Country

No matter your mood, when you decide to head out on the town in Cincinnati, there’s a place that will satisfy your needs. Our city offers a wide variety of restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, and entertainment so that you can never claim to be bored in the Queen City. Each lively destination has its own character and appeal and one particular spot that’s filled with both is Japp’s Since 1879. This historic shop turned pub has been a part of the Cincinnati community for more than a century and it also happens to be home to the best bartender in the country.

Japp’s Since 1879 may have once had a life as a wig shop, but it now stands to remain a beloved bar and gathering spot for decades to come. Is Japp’s your favorite place in Cincinnati for a night out? What’s your favorite creative cocktail? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Japp’s is located at 1134 Main St., Cincinnati, OH 45202. For more information, follow along with them on Facebook here.

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