The Hidden B&B In Cincinnati That Was Once A Stop On The Underground Railroad

Cincinnati is a great town for history buffs, as you’ll find our city’s name mentioned in conjunction with many major events of the past. With its position along the Ohio River, Cincinnati and the surrounding areas were sought after destinations for those heading north on the Underground Railroad. Abolitionists provided many safehouses throughout the city, offering those seeking freedom a hiding spot for rest and recovery before helping them continue on northward. Many of these homes still exist today, and one of them is hidden on acreage just off Hamilton Avenue in College Hill. Six Acres Bed and Breakfast is a lovely place to spend the night now, and interestingly enough, was once a stop on the underground railroad.

If you enjoy learning about Cincinnati’s history, or even if you simply like staying in a relaxing B&B in town, then check out Six Acres Bed and Breakfast in College Hill. Did you know this historic spot existed in Cincinnati? What other connections to the Underground Railroad do you know of? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

For more information on Six Acres Bed and Breakfast, visit its website here.

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