Here’s The Perfect Weekend Itinerary If You Love Exploring Cincinnati’s Best Antique Stores

Seeking out hidden treasure in antique stores is a favorite weekend activity and Cincinnati is a great place to do it. We have many antique shops, flea markets, events, and other destinations in town and nearby that are brimming with character-filled items. In a time when what’s old is new again and DIY-ing is as popular as ever, this trip around Cincinnati is perfect for just about everyone. If you love exploring the Queen City’s best antique stores, then here’s your ideal itinerary. It takes you throughout the city in a single weekend and even includes recommendations on where to eat and where to spend the night if you want to make this a true getaway!

Locals love exploring our city’s history and another way to do that is by checking out all of the antique shops in our area. What do you think of this weekend itinerary? Tag someone in the comments who would be up for this treasure hunting adventure!

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