This All-Day Float Trip Will Make Your Cincinnati Summer Complete

Cincinnati is a river town, and we’re not just referring to the Ohio River that beautifully outlines our downtown. There are many running bodies of water throughout the area that are perfect for canoe adventures, kayaking, and floating, and summer is the best time to get out and enjoy them. Our city’s riverfront rental companies are open and ready for the season and one locally-owned place is a must-try in Cincinnati. Green Acres Canoe Rental is right on the Indiana/Kentucky/Ohio border and offers wonderful opportunities to get out on the Whitewater River. Pick your favorite vessel, perhaps try tubing in Cincinnati, and then enjoy this all-day float trip that will make your Cincinnati summer complete.

For another look at Green Acres Canoe Rental, check out this video:

An all-day float trip with Green Acres Canoe Rental is sure to make your summer in Cincinnati a memorable one. Have you ventured out on the river with Green Acres for some Cincinnati tubing? What other local spots do you enjoy? Let us know in the comments!

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Address: 10465 Suspension Bridge Road, Harrison, OH 45030

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Tubing In Cincinnati

July 30, 2019

Where is the best place to go tubing in Cincinnati?

When you just can’t take the summer heat any longer, tubing in Cincinnati is a great option for staying cool and having fun. There are actually several places in our area where you can rent a tube, go on canoe adventures, or try kayaking in Cincinnati. Green Acres, described above, gives you scenic access to our city’s cleanest river and they have everything you need for a day of fun in the summer sun. Morgan’s Outdoor Adventures also offers tubing at their Brookville location and you can even combine this time on the water with an overnight camp out. Learn more about that experience here. And if you’d like to stay on the east side of town, check out Fifty West Canoe & Kayak. This fun-filled destination has so much to offer including tubing, canoeing, sand volleyball, restaurants, a brewery, and more. Read all about this favorite summer time destination here.

What else can I do besides tubing on the Whitewater River?

When heading out on the Whitewater River with Green Acres, you have several options to choose from. Of course the relaxing tubing excursion is always fun, but you can also rent a raft for multiple people, a canoe, or a kayak. There are also multiple trip lengths so you can customize your time out on the water.

Does Cincinnati have clean rivers?

When discussing Cincinnati rivers, many refer to the Ohio River as being dirty and filled with things that would make you want to stay away. While it isn’t as clean as the Whitewater and other nearby rivers, there are spots on the Ohio River that are just fine for swimming and other water activities.