The Ashtabula Train Disaster Of 1876 Was An Ohio Tragedy That Will Never Be Forgotten

Have you ever heard of the Ashtabula Train (or Bridge) Disaster of 1876? What about “The Ashtabula Horror”? Few people know that one of Ohio’s most charming small towns was once the victim of a truly dark tragedy. A faulty bridge design resulted in death, injury and great loss during the Ashtabula Train Disaster of 1876. Today, the town pays homage to the fallen victims and their families in several different ways, never forgetting the dark night that altered the course of its history.

Did you know about this tragedy? Do you have any relatives that remembered this accident? Share your thoughts with us!

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Address: Ashtabula River, Ohio 44004, USA
Address: 79 Grove Dr, Ashtabula, OH 44004, USA