If you’ve followed OnlyInYourState for a while, you know we have a bit of an obsession with road trips, but there’s something even more special about the underrated day trip. Requiring a single day off, little to no planning, and as is the case here, a single tank of gas, day trips promise all of the thrills of a long road trip, but with much less work.

In honor of the humble day trip, we recently introduced readers to our new Only On A Tankful series, which features a slew of themed day trip destination pairings across Ohio. First up, we featured wine and waterfall combinations across the state, and today we’re at it again with an equally entertaining pairing: antiques and ice cream. Whether you live in Columbus, near the state border, or anywhere in between, you’ll discover an epic day trip that combines two of our favorite activities: shopping for antiques and indulging in tasty ice cream. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your adventure, fill up the tank, and enjoy a lovely Ohio afternoon only on a tankful.

So, tell us, which of these epic antiques and ice cream day trips will you be embarking on first?

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