An Amusement Park Was Built And Left To Decay In The Middle Of This Lakeside Village In Ohio

There’s little more unsettling than an abandoned theme park — the crowds, rides, and laughter that once filled the park grounds seem to linger in the air. In northern Ohio, Chippewa Lake Park was once an epic Midwest destination; open from 1878 through 1978, this park was good, old-fashioned American fun, with wooden roller coasters, carousels, and a Ferris wheel. And then, following its centennial season, this amusement park abruptly closed, never to open again. It’s since sat decaying in the middle of a beautiful lakeside village in northern Ohio, where it remains a haunting reminder of a bygone era.

Did you know about this abandoned amusement park in Chippewa Lake, Ohio? It really is one of the state’s most fascinating abandoned attractions!

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Address: Ash Street, Ash St, Westfield Township, OH 44215, USA

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