The Story Behind This Near Death Experience In California’s Yuba River Is Terrifying But True

The details of a harrowing near-death incident in the Yuba River are just coming to light. One Reno resident nearly lost his life on Saturday when he found himself on the brink of being hurled off the edge of a waterfall.

Kalani Tuiono, 25, was spending the day relaxing on the Yuba River. He considers himself to be a strong swimmer and had spent his childhood playing in lakes and rivers. Feeling confident in his abilities and seeing that the river was apparently calm, Tuiono swam out across the water without realizing the lurking danger.

Suddenly, Tuiono found himself being tossed around in the river like a rag doll. He was caught in the undertow and had been pushed into the rapids. His body and head were knocked against the rocks as he sped down the river, having lost all sense of direction and struggling to stay above the water.

When he felt his belly brush against a large rock, Tuiono held on with all his might. Looking around, he saw that he was mere feet away from a waterfall.

Luckily, a hiker spotted Tuiono clinging to the stone and he was rescued via helicopter by the Truckee Fire Protection District. Officials on the scene say that he is lucky to be alive, as there have been over 24 drownings in the area in the past month alone.

Anyone attempting to swim or wade in the Yuba River should exercise extreme caution, as the water conditions can be unpredictable.

Take a look at the heart-pounding footage of Tuiono’s rescue below. It was uploaded on by KRCA news, courtesy of the California Highway Patrol:

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