Stewart Mineral Springs Is One Of The Gorgeous Hot Springs In Northern California You Can Still Visit In The Wintertime

It can be easy to fall into hibernation during the wintertime, staying indoors and waiting for the cold to pass. However, Northern California’s winter scenery is just too good to miss. Experience the best of it while rejuvenating your body and mind at this dreamy winter hot springs resort in the little town of Weed. Boasting incredible surroundings (especially when it’s covered in snow) along with the prospect of endless relaxation, this destination definitely belongs on your winter bucket list. This is one amazing hot spring in Northern California you can’t miss!

Have you had the opportunity to visit this hot springs resort before? What’s your favorite winter hot springs in NorCal? Let us know in the comments! Check out our list of 9 Excellent Hot Springs In Northern California for more destinations like this one!

Address: Pneuma Retreat Center, 4617 Stewart Springs Rd, Weed, CA 96094, USA
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Hot Springs in Northern California

January 24, 2022

What are some of the best winter getaways in Northern California?  

Northern California is a pretty magical place no matter what time of the year it might be, but wintertime is especially delightful. There’s just something about the extraordinary landscapes of NorCal that are made that much more perfect by a layer of fresh snow, and believe it or not, our state is absolutely amazing when it comes to picture-perfect winter getaways. You can always book a stay at any of our world-class ski resorts or winter recreational sites, like Tube Town at Soda Springs Resort. You can go on some truly amazing cold-weather hikes or check out some of our awesome frozen lakes. Some people try their hand at ice fishing in many spots all over Northern California. While you’re out there, you might want to consider camping at any one of the many year-round campsites we have, too. Might as well stay – after all, you’re already out here, right? For more inspiration, check out this list of seven awesome winter getaways in Northern California 

Are there many natural hot springs in Northern California?  

There just so happens to be quite a few natural hot springs in Northern California! Just when you thought NorCal couldn’t be any more majestic, we go and drop this on you. Well, it’s true! There are all sorts of awesome hot springs just waiting for you to come soak in them. Some of the best ones include the Vichy Springs Resort, in Ukiah, which is a resort built up around the amazing natural hot springs on the grounds, and best of all, these springs are the only ones in the state that are carbonated! While in Ukiah, make sure you also check out Orr Hot Springs. Wilbur Hot Springs, in Williams, is another can’t miss, and we also love Sykes Hot Springs, in Big Sur.  

Address: Pneuma Retreat Center, 4617 Stewart Springs Rd, Weed, CA 96094, USA