Most People Have No Idea There’s An Underwater Ghost Town Hiding In A Northern California Lake

When you think of Northern California most people don’t think ghost towns. I promise even more people don’t think underwater ghost towns. The last few years have been pretty terrible with our drought problems, but the one amazing thing that came out of it was the resurfacing of this historic old gold rush town.

According to a Sacbee article, “The town was home to over 2,500 residents at its height in 1853, but its gold supplies dwindled, and the town proved unable to recover from fire that ravaged the area in 1856. By 1940, only four families were left residing in Mormon Island and. In 1955, the hamlet was drowned in the creation of Folsom Lake, a man-made reservoir on the American River.”

What a neat discovery for so many people who weren’t around in 1950 to remember this small town. Makes one wonder just how many historical findings rest just under the surface in other parts of our state