Tackle A 400-Foot Snow Tubing Hill At Tube Town In Northern California This Year

Winter fun isn’t just for the skiers! Northern California is full of fantastic destinations where everybody can get in on the snowy fun, like Soda Springs Mountain Resort in the North Lake Tahoe region. Considered the longest-running mountain resort in California, the resort offers a plethora of activities for the entire family to enjoy. Their snow tubing hill and play area, known as Tube Town, should especially be on your radar this season. Here’s why Tube Town is the best of the best when it comes to snow tubing in Northern California:

Have you visited Soda Springs’ Tube Town before? Where are your favorite destinations for snow tubing in Northern California? Tell us about your favorite family-friendly winter activities in the comments!

Need some more inspiration? Try going out for an amazing winter hike in Northern California.

Address: Soda Springs Mountain Resort, 10244 Soda Springs Rd, Soda Springs, CA 95728, USA
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Snow Tubing in Northern California

January 24, 2022

What is winter in Northern California like?  

California is an enormous state, and the northern and southern halves experience winter in very different ways. While Southern California’s winters tend to be more mild and often rainy, Northern California winters tend to get a lot colder and snowier than our southern counterparts. Northern California experiences all four seasons, and the cold season lasts, on average, for about three months (from November through February). December tends to be the coldest month of the year; average temperatures across NorCal tend to be in the mid-40s to mid-60s, depending on exactly where you are, and in higher elevations, it can get even colder. Many places here experience snow each winter, though rain is not uncommon either (in fact, California’s rainy season encompasses wintertime, occurring from the end of May to the beginning of October. Overall, Northern California might be a good option for those who enjoy winter but not the extremes one would expect somewhere like, say, Minnesota. 

What are some fun things to do outdoors in Northern California during winter?  

NorCal turns into a veritable winter wonderland each and every winter if we do say so ourselves. Of course, you can do all the classics here, like go skiing, snowboarding, or snowshoeing. You can check in to an amazing ski resort (or heck, even just your average resort) and cuddle up with that special someone beside a nice warm fire, or maybe soak in the warmth of a hot tub while snow gently falls all around you. You can visit any one of the small towns in Northern California that love going all-out for the winter season; you’ll feel like you’ve fallen into a snow globe in most of them! Attend the many festivals and annual traditions of each and every town and city; shoot photos of some of our most magnificent natural features, like the giant Redwoods, under a layer of fresh snow. You can also head out on a delightful winter hike – check out this list of some of our favorite trails for just such an occasion.  

Address: Soda Springs Mountain Resort, 10244 Soda Springs Rd, Soda Springs, CA 95728, USA