This Man’s Terrifying Encounter In Northern California Will Freak You Out

Generally speaking, when we come home after a long day and find that our roommate has invited friends over without letting us know about it beforehand… we’re not too thrilled. But you know what might actually be even worse? When your roommate doesn’t think twice about the noises he’s hearing in your kitchen because he’s assuming you’re in there cooking up a late night snack… and then a family of bears ends up in your house.

No, this isn’t the greatest remake of Goldilocks and The Three Bears coming to a screen near you, this was California resident Rodney Ginn’s latest house guests! A mother bear and her two cubs made their way into the home, making a close encounter with Ginn that will completely freak you out.

Warning: There is a tad bit of foul language in this video because… how could there not be? Bears.

Living in California means we often find ourselves up close and personal with wildlife, have you ever had an uninvited house guest like this?