10 Ways You Can Always Spot Someone From Northern California… No Matter Where They Are

Northern California is one of the best places to live. Most people lump all of California into one category, but those of us who live here know there’s a big difference. While we understand that Southern California gets a whole lot of attention from the world, we consider her our vain little sister. Like any family, we do have quite a few things in common, but there’s still those little nuances that shout “I’m from Northern California!” Here’s a few that help us spot a Northern Californian no matter where we are.

Trust me, if you travel outside of California everyone thinks all 40 million of us living here are all the same. Wow. That’s just plain crazy. Once you live here you realize there’s a lot of things that set us apart up here in Northern California. I’ll admit it for all of us –we’re just plain awesome. Don’t believe me? Here’s 13 more signs that prove you’re from Northern California.