Here Are 4 Sinkholes in Northern California That Will Leave You Terrified of Earth

Are you standing on solid ground? One would like to think so. Watching the earth open up and swallow is like something out of a M. Night Shayamalan movie. A sinkhole happens when water erodes rock beneath the surface. Since limestone and bedrock are common in our neck of the woods, they happen. Plus, with our history of mining for gold, we still don’t know all the cavities that lie underground just waiting for the right moment to open up and suck in what sits above.

Here are a few you may not know about.

The idea of spacious cavities and bottomless tunnels beneath our homes and feet can be terrifying. Being an area around so much water makes the potential for danger cause for concern. But, don’t let it keep you up at night. While they are a real thing, they’re nothing close to being like what some of the “other” states go through–like tornadoes and hurricanes. We’ll choose Northern California, sinkholes and all!

If we missed a sinkhole in your part of Northern California, make sure to share below!