There Are Giant Whimsical Creatures Hiding On Cassel Road In Northern California Just Like Something Out Of A Storybook

Have you ever seen a pig fly? Or a grasshopper on his way to a formal event? Sound like pretty weird questions to be asking, right? Well, these are just some of the whimsical creatures hiding on Cassel Road. Get ready for a storybook-esque adventure when you visit this delightful sculpture park in Northern California in person along your journey.

Stop and see the whimsical creatures on Cassel Road! You’ll feel like you’re in the pages of a giant storybook. Entrance to the park is free!

Have you ever visited this Cassel Road sculpture park in Northern California? Share with us your experience in the comments section! We’d love to hear which sculptures were your favorites.

Address: 22244 Cassel Rd, Cassel, CA 96016, USA