Everyone In Northern California Should Take This Underappreciated Scenic Drive

There’s never a bad time to hop onto one of Northern California’s highways and set off on a grand adventure. After all, our region of the state is loaded with all sorts of scenic drives that showcase some of the most amazing scenery, natural attractions, and communities NorCal has to offer. The highway featured here does just that. Spanning two states and comprised of 500 miles, this is an epic journey that every Northern Californian should take advantage of. We’ll just be covering the California section of the scenic byway in this article, although you’re certainly welcome to traverse the entire thing! Check it out:

Are you ready to set off on this grand scenic drive? It’s crazy how many attractions and sights this highway contains! For more epic adventures, check out our list of The 10 Best Backroads In Northern California For A Long Scenic Drive.