10 Unsuspecting Restaurants In San Francisco With Food So Good It Should Be Illegal

In a town known for food there are bound to places that are overlooked. So, for every overrated restaurant with lines out the door, take the time to check out these restaurants for food that will make your mouth water. Check out these restaurants in the city that will surely surprise you with incredible food.

Have you been to any of these restaurants? Let us know what you prefer. Share this story too! If you’re into food especially sweets then check out The Beautiful Restaurant Tucked Away In A Forest Near San Francisco Most People Don’t Know About.

Address: 1574 California St, San Francisco, 94109
Address: 212 Ritch Street, San Francisco, 94107
Address: 1722 Sacramento Street, San Francisco, 94109
Address: 560 Divisadero Street, 94117