This Secret Sea Cave Near San Francisco Is A Must Visit

The California coast is simply spectacular, with breathtaking beaches and huge, dramatic bluffs lining the great Pacific. And while many coastal areas get packed with tourists and day-trippers, others remain true hidden gems. This secret sea cave near San Francisco is in a league all its own – the final destination is nothing short of jaw-dropping. But like many hidden wonders Mother Nature has tucked away for safe keeping, this one is meant to be found by only the most intrepid explorers out there. Is that you? Read on.

You’ll then have one more tunnel to get through before making it to the center of a grand, 360-degree natural “amphitheater” with walls stretching up some 80 feet. This video by Leor Pantilat offers a great look around of this incredible secret sea cave.

Pretty cool, right? Do BEWARE: This area is only accessible during very low tide. You must check tide schedules in advance. You don’t want to get stuck out there! Have fun and be safe!

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