The Story Behind San Francisco’s Most Haunted House Will Give You Nightmares

Many times of the year it is good to explore some history in the city, especially if it is interesting and even creepy. Why? San Francisco is chock-full of eclectic, random, and haunted history. Let’s learn more about the story behind the city’s most haunted house in Fort Mason. Why is it considered the most haunted house in San Francisco? Check it out:

If you’re curious about learning more details about this haunted house in Fort Mason then check out the video below:

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The OIYS Visitor Center

Haskell House

August 29, 2022

What’s the most haunted house in San Francisco?  

Let’s answer this while leaving out the Haskell House, though it is thought to be the single most haunted house in San Francisco. Other notoriously haunted houses in San Francisco include the old Chambers Mansion, which was the site of a gnarly murder of one of its previous owners, who was cut in half inside the building. Of course, we cannot talk about the most haunted houses in San Francisco without mentioning the infamous Winchester Mystery House, which is thought to be the single most haunted house in the world.  

Where is the Haskell House in San Francisco?  

The Haskell House is located at 3 Franklin Street, and it has quite an eerie history. In 1857, U.S. Senator David Broderick was challenged to a duel outside the building by pro-slavery New Mexico Supreme Court Justice David Terry, who killed Broderick immediately. Terry was a very prominent – perhaps the most prominent – pro-slavery advocate of the time, and he was angered by Broderick’s anti-slavery positions.   

What are some legitimately haunted places in San Francisco?  

San Francisco is known for its place in pop culture and history, but maybe it ought to be known for its creepy haunted places, too! Some supposedly haunted places in San Francisco include, obviously, the Haskell House and the Winchester Mystery House, but there are oodles more. Did you know the San Francisco City Hall was literally built over an abandoned cemetery? Yep – and now it’s supposedly quite the hotspot for paranormal activity. Speaking of cemeteries, the old Presidio Cemetery is known for being host to various animal spirits, all of whom wait for their owners to return from World War II quite fiercely and very loyally. Of course, we can’t mention notorious haunted places in San Francisco without mentioning the ULTIMATE haunted place: Alcatraz Prison, which is easily the most infamous prison in the world. You want haunted? Alcatraz is the ultimate.