There are dozens of scenic viewpoints in this stunning city, but there are some sights that you just can’t see from the ground. While a flight over San Francisco will certainly give you a whole new perspective of the city, the high altitude obscures some of the finer details. This is why we love drones – they give you the best of both.

This aerial video, shot and shared by BlueMantleMedia on YouTube, does a fantastic job at showing off both the most famous landmarks and a unique bird’s eye view of the city that you just won’t find anywhere else. Anyone who lives here knows that the true heart of this city lies in the wonderful places to explore that aren’t overrun by tourists. This overhead footage features a little bit of everything – from the streets to the sunsets – that can only be found in this one-of-a-kind city.

You can’t deny that San Francisco is stunning, and this video proves that our city is amazing from every angle.

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