When you think of Northern California’s most iconic natural wonders, images of towering redwood trees are what probably come to mind. After all, these giant trees are the tallest on Earth and they create some of the most breathtaking landscapes that our country has to offer. Every nature-loving Californian should make an effort to see these massive beauties with a visit to Redwood National and State Parks this year, as was recommended by a bucket list that was published by USA Today. Nothing quite compares to experiencing these magical forests firsthand and it makes for an adventure you’re bound to fall in love with. If there was one National Park to visit in Northern California, this one should likely top your list.

So, what do you think about this incredible National Park to visit in Northern California? When was the last time you had an adventure within our beautiful redwood forests? Seeing these massive trees never gets old! For more mandatory adventures, check out this list of 12 Unforgettable Things To Put On Your Northern California Bucket List.


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National Park To Visit In Northern California

What are the best hikes with a view in Northern California?

Visiting the best parks in Northern California also likely means you’re going to come across some of the best hiking trails. What better way to see all that nature has to offer in an area of the state than by checking out some of the most scenic trails? Hiking trails in Northern California are in abundance, but if you really want to elevate your experience in nature, we recommend those that add a little bit of scenery, too. These 15 scenic hiking trails in Northern California are perfect for when you’re ready for a little bit of exploration in the wild. Start with Stout Grove Trail and work your way through to Eagle Lake right by Lake Tahoe.

Which state parks should I visit in Northern California?

Looking for some fascinating things to do outside in Northern California? How about checking out a few state parks? National Parks are pretty incredible, but on a state level, there is also a lot to enjoy. We have a list of 19 state parks in Northern California that will knock your socks off - we’re talking state parks with waterfalls, redwood forests, whitewater rafting, and so much more. For instance, did you know Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park in Shasta County is only accessible by boat? Or how about the jaw-dropping waterfall located within McArthur Burney Falls Memorial State Park?

Can I hike to historical sites in Northern California?

Oftentimes the best parks in Northern California are the ones that pepper in some state history, too. You might not even realize that many of the hiking trails in NorCal that you’re adventuring on have some historical context. For instance, these historic hiking trails in NorCal lead to some pretty fascinating ruins. Like the Punta Gorda Lighthouse via the Lost Coast Trail, which offers a unique adventure to an old, off-shore decommissioned lighthouse.

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