This Rare Footage Of The 1940s Shows Northern California Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

We’ve dug up a video that’s going to blow your mind! In the 1940s Northern California was bustling. One of the biggest boon to the economy was our logging industry. Today, we go to parks that have been set aside to protect our California Redwoods but that wasn’t always the case. Here’s a forest documentary of men chopping down Redwood Trees. Watch their logging and sawmill operations and be surprised at how the culture of our parks and beloved Redwoods have changed.

Try not to flinch (like I did) when these hard-working Northern Californians precariously climb and cut our beloved giants. These trees have the potential to see 4,000 years, if left to grow, but the need for wood and housing products for the parents of the baby-boomers was what motivated them.

Would you believe one of these beautiful Redwoods could provide enough wood to build twenty homes? It’s true. One can only hope we’ve learned not to bring a saw anywhere near these forest gems again.