A Parasitic Bug Has Been Spotted Throughout Northern California And Its Bite Can Be Deadly

It’s that time of year where all sorts of strange insects start coming out. However, there’s one you’ll especially want to keep an eye out for. Known as the Kissing Bug, this insect seems harmless enough at first, but it’s known to spread a fatal disease. Although once contained to rural areas of Latin America, this parasitic bug has been spotted all over the country in recent years and it’s even been identified here in Northern California. Keep your eyes peeled and stay safe. Keep reading to learn how to spot this insect and what you can do to prevent getting bitten.

Have you spotted this parasitic bug here in Northern California yet? If not, let’s hope you keep it that way! If you’re feeling a little creeped out, be sure to remind yourself of how amazing our state is by looking at our list of 20 Reasons Why Northern California Is Awesome.