The Outrageous Milkshake Bar In Northern California That’s Piled High With Goodness

To say that the folks at The Parlor Ice Cream “love” ice cream would be a gross understatement. They ADORE it! The proprietors of this family-owned enterprise are big on imagination and creativity and huge on eye candy and taste. Just take a look at the outrageous milkshakes this Northern California spot is churning out!

These ultimate sweet ice cream combinations are the stuff that dreams are made of!

Have you “shaken it up” with a fabulous milkshake from The Parlor? If so, we’d love to see your photos and hear about your experience there.

Is ice cream your favorite sweet treat? Then you’ll agree that There’s Nothing Better Than This Mouthwatering Ice Cream Trail In Northern California.

Address: The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs, 2620 Fair Oaks Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95864, USA
Address: The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs, 1490 Eureka Rd #170, Roseville, CA 95661, USA