These Amazing Timelapse Videos Show Northern California Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Northern California is astoundingly beautiful. There are ancient forests, rolling hills, pristine lakes, majestic waterfalls, otherworldly deserts, stunning coastlines and more. Best of all, we have jaw dropping skies from our sunsets to the stars that are visible away from any city lights. This amazing video captures Northern California all its glory. Through the use of timelapse video, we get to witness the way time and light transform the landscape as crepuscular clouds soar through the sky and day changes to night.

This surreal video is a tribute to the beauty of Northern California, and it’s absolutely mesmerizing:

And since we just couldn’t get enough of this incredible way of viewing Northern California scenery, here are a few more California timelapse videos. Which one is your favorite?

California Roadtrippers Timelapse by ROADTRIPPERS.COM:

And the Mt. Shasta Holy Grail Timelapse by Jason McMurry films:

What did you think of these videos? Have you seen these amazing places for yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments below.