This Little-Known Natural Hot Spring In Northern California Is About To Become Your New Happy Place

When the stresses and worries of everyday life feels like too much to bear, an escape to a mountain hot spring is the perfect cure. Thankfully, Northern California is full of glorious hot springs that are just waiting to be discovered by you! However, the one featured below may just be one of the most heavenly in the state…if not the entire country. Travertine Hot Spring is a hidden gem that is bound to become your new happy place. The views are outstanding and the water is perfect, so what are you waiting for? Keep reading to learn all about this incredible natural hot spring.

Have you visited Travertine Hot Spring? If this isn’t heaven on earth, we don’t know what is. If you love exploring our state’s hot springs then you might be interested in This Mountain Hot Spring In Northern California that’s unlike any other you’ve seen!